The Writing Has Begun

A Vast Wavy Universe

The writing has begun — or I should say, loose paragraphs — and coming together. I’ve been posting “feeler pieces” here and there (such as what posted in the Open & Relational Theology Group) looking for, and receiving feed-back. As I ponder and research, I can’t get away from notion that the Incarnation is the […]

God Can’t, T. J. Oord (A Review)

God Can’t: How to Believe in God and Love after Tragedy, Abuse and Other Evils, Thomas Jay Oord, 2019, Grasmere, Idaho, SacraSage Press, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-948609-12-8, $17.99.   How can I believe in God and love when evil abounds, tragedy strikes and abuse happens? If you are struggling with God’s love God Can’t is written […]

Pluriform Love by Thomas Jay Oord: A Review

Pluriform Love, Thomas Jay Oord

Pluriform Love: An Open and Relational Theology of Well-Being, Thomas Jay Oord, SacraSage Press, 2022, paper, $, ISBN: 9781948609579, 253 pages with notes, bibliography and index. God is Love My mother told me that this was the very first bible verse I learned. I learned it to recite on Children’s Day. I couldn’t have been […]

Brewing Theology: A Pilgrimage

Personal theology ought always to be a pilgrimage, a work in progress, stemming not from dogma, but from our own God experiences. Like pilgrimage, our personal theology should give expression to our doubts and questions. Like pilgrimage, our personal theology should give expression to our own deaths and subsequent resurrections. And, like pilgrimage, which by […]

How The Theology Brewing Company Came To Be

“New Day Dawning” You’ve heard of “brewpub theology” no doubt, but a theology brewing company? Obviously, “The Theology Brewpub Company,” is a play on “brewpub theology,” it also turns the concept of brewpub theology topsy-turvy. Almost all brewpub theology is designed to convince you that host’s theology — whatever that may be — is the […]

Theology is God-Speak


Theology is Boring! “Theology is dull and of little value” – PART 1 Theology is God-Speak There has to be a better way to “do theology.” That was the ending comment on my last post. And I think there is. When we think “theology,” we are thinking 14th c. when classical theology was formulated. Let’s […]