Portús na hÉireann: A Book of Hours

Portús na hÉireann: A Book of Hours according to the Columbanian Tradition, Dustin A. Ashley, Resource Publications (Eugene, OR), March 3, 2022, 193 pages, including Introduction and bibliography. ISBN: 9781666738278 Praying the hours opens us to a deeper recognition that each day is holy, that the world and all that’s within is sacramental. Praying the […]

Finding Faith in a Secular World (A Review)

Mystery without Magic: Finding Faith in a Secular World, Russell Pregeant, second edition, revised and expanded. Process Century Press (Anoko, MN), 2022, 241 pages, including study questions and notes, ISBN: 9781940447551.   I love language. Russell has a way with it. His style is informative, while laid back. When Russell writes it is Pastor Russell […]

Open & Relational Theology

Open & Relational Theology Book Cover

  This, I believe, is the third book I have reviewed written by Thomas Jay Oord. All of them have been in one way or another about what Oord calls an “open and relational theology.” In such a theology, God’s “pluriform love” resides at the center. “Pluriform love,”* according Oord changes both our human perception […]

For the Healing of a Nation (A Review)

Healing of the Nation Cover

For the Healing of the Nation: A Biblical Vision, Russell Pregeant, Foreword by John B. Cobbs. Jr., Cascade Books: Eugene, OR, 2016, paper, $41.00, ISBN: 975-1-4982-3539-6, 335 pages with Epilogue and bibliography. An easy read written with honest humility For the Healing of the Nation is a profound coming of age story that provides the […]

God Can’t, T. J. Oord (A Review)

God Can’t: How to Believe in God and Love after Tragedy, Abuse and Other Evils, Thomas Jay Oord, 2019, Grasmere, Idaho, SacraSage Press, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-948609-12-8, $17.99.   How can I believe in God and love when evil abounds, tragedy strikes and abuse happens? If you are struggling with God’s love God Can’t is written […]

The Elephant is Running, B. G. Epperly (A Review)

The Elephant is Running: Process and Open Relational Theologies and Religious Pluralism, Bruce G. Epperly, 2022, Grasmere, Idaho, SacraSage Press, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-948609-63-0, $19.99. The Elephant is Running is not about elephants, it’s about creative transformation and evolving spirituality. It is a book for any Christian who is struggling with the narrow confines of traditional […]

A Larger Hope? (A Review)

A LARGER HOPE? Universal Salvation from Christian Beginnings to Julian of Norwich (Volume 1), Ilaria L. E. Ramelli, forward by Richard Bauckham, 2019, Eugene, OR, Cascade Books, 286 pages including Preface, two appendices, and bibliography. ISBN: 978-1-61097-884-2. A LARGER HOPE? Universal Salvation from The Reformation to the Nineteenth Century (Volume 2), Robin A. Parry with […]

Churches and the Crisis of Decline | Andrew Root (A Review)

Churches and the Crisis of Decline: A Hopeful, Practical Ecclesiology for a Secular Age, Andrew Root, 2022, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Baker Academic, ISBN: 978-1-5409-6481-4 For the sake of full disclosure, I approach Churches and the Crisis of Decline as both a Universalist and Progressive Christian. This puts me at odds with Andrew Root’s more traditional […]

Pluriform Love by Thomas Jay Oord: A Review

Pluriform Love, Thomas Jay Oord

Pluriform Love: An Open and Relational Theology of Well-Being, Thomas Jay Oord, SacraSage Press, 2022, paper, $, ISBN: 9781948609579, 253 pages with notes, bibliography and index. God is Love My mother told me that this was the very first bible verse I learned. I learned it to recite on Children’s Day. I couldn’t have been […]

The Devil’s Redemption?

The Devil’s Redemption: A New History and Interpretation of Christian Universalism (Two Volumes), Michael J. McClymond, 2018, Baker Academic, 1325 pages, including appendices, extensive bibliography, and index. I must admit that the first thing that the title, The Devil’s Redemption, conjured up in my mind was the book by Ordin K. Cambel with the same […]

Holy Victims and the Invention of the Atonement (A Review)

The Body of the Cross: Holy Victims and the Invention of the Atonement, Travis E. Ables, Dec. 7, 2021, Fordham University Press, 260 pages, including notes, extensive bibliography, and index. It was the title, well actually the subtitle, of the book that caught my eye: “Holy Victims and the Invention of the Atonement.” Being a […]

AFTER TRUMP: Achieving a New Social Gospel. Donald Heinz (A Review)

AFTER TRUMP: Achieving a New Social Gospel. Donald Heinz. Cascade Books, Eugene, Oregon, March 2020. ISBN: Paperback: 9781532695315, Hardbound: 9781532695322, also available as an eBook. 250 pages including extensive bibliography. Paperback & eBook: $28.00 / £21.00 / AU$38.00, Hardbound: $43.00 / £33.00 / AU$59.00. “The Donald” is no longer president, but his disdain for democracy […]

Grace Saves All (David Artman)

Book cover

GRACE SAVES ALL: The Necessity for Christian Universalism. David Artman, Forward by Brad Jersak, Afterword by Thomas Talbott. Wipf & Stock, Eugene, Oregon, April 2020. ISBN: 978-1-5326-5088-8, Paperback, 147 pages with bibliography and notes. $21.00 As a Christian Universalist I realize that there are some issues that come with the view. From my perspective perhaps […]