Time for a Completely New Sort of Theology?


I am going to share some personal pondering (in the form of questions). But first, As I peruse various groups on Facebook or essays here and there on the web, it seems to me that just about all of it a rehash of old thinking, old theology, in new guises. Nothing really different, but the […]

Brewing Theology: A Pilgrimage

Personal theology ought always to be a pilgrimage, a work in progress, stemming not from dogma, but from our own God experiences. Like pilgrimage, our personal theology should give expression to our doubts and questions. Like pilgrimage, our personal theology should give expression to our own deaths and subsequent resurrections. And, like pilgrimage, which by […]

How The Theology Brewing Company Came To Be

“New Day Dawning” You’ve heard of “brewpub theology” no doubt, but a theology brewing company? Obviously, “The Theology Brewpub Company,” is a play on “brewpub theology,” it also turns the concept of brewpub theology topsy-turvy. Almost all brewpub theology is designed to convince you that host’s theology — whatever that may be — is the […]

Theology 2.0

Man Doll

Theology 101 Updated – Still Speculative, Progressive & UniversalistNow that I have some time, it is time to rethink my “Speculative Theology” as posted on the website way back when. Here’s the beginning of the my new speculative theological thinking (which is in need of more thought and better wordsmithing): When the word “speculative” is […]

Theology 1.0: Speculative & Progressive

Christian Universalist Cross

Christian Universalist Cross(Former Christian Universalist Denomination( A Basic Christian Universalist Theology: Speculative & Progressive Christian universalism is a Christian theology focused around the doctrine of universal reconciliation – the view that all human beings will ultimately be restored to a right relationship with God. I’ve been doing some rereading from the “fathers” of Christian Universalism […]