Time for a Completely New Sort of Theology?


I am going to share some personal pondering (in the form of questions). But first, As I peruse various groups on Facebook or essays here and there on the web, it seems to me that just about all of it a rehash of old thinking, old theology, in new guises. Nothing really different, but the […]

Open & Relational Theology

Open & Relational Theology Book Cover

  This, I believe, is the third book I have reviewed written by Thomas Jay Oord. All of them have been in one way or another about what Oord calls an “open and relational theology.” In such a theology, God’s “pluriform love” resides at the center. “Pluriform love,”* according Oord changes both our human perception […]

Churches and the Crisis of Decline | Andrew Root (A Review)

Churches and the Crisis of Decline: A Hopeful, Practical Ecclesiology for a Secular Age, Andrew Root, 2022, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Baker Academic, ISBN: 978-1-5409-6481-4 For the sake of full disclosure, I approach Churches and the Crisis of Decline as both a Universalist and Progressive Christian. This puts me at odds with Andrew Root’s more traditional […]