For the Healing of a Nation (A Review)

Healing of the Nation Cover

For the Healing of the Nation: A Biblical Vision, Russell Pregeant, Foreword by John B. Cobbs. Jr., Cascade Books: Eugene, OR, 2016, paper, $41.00, ISBN: 975-1-4982-3539-6, 335 pages with Epilogue and bibliography. An easy read written with honest humility For the Healing of the Nation is a profound coming of age story that provides the […]

Pluriform Love by Thomas Jay Oord: A Review

Pluriform Love, Thomas Jay Oord

Pluriform Love: An Open and Relational Theology of Well-Being, Thomas Jay Oord, SacraSage Press, 2022, paper, $, ISBN: 9781948609579, 253 pages with notes, bibliography and index. God is Love My mother told me that this was the very first bible verse I learned. I learned it to recite on Children’s Day. I couldn’t have been […]