The Table (Part 2)

The Table
[Part 2]
I came to the Table,
I fell to my knees,
I cried, “God forgive me!
Make me worthy to eat the bread,
Drink the wine.”

I came to the Table
To get right with God,
God said,
”You are alright with me.”

I had it backwards.
Coming to the table
is not about
My getting right
With God.

I come to the Table,
To God,
I am

Did not Jesus
Share his Last Meal
Without Judgment…

With Peter
Who shortly denied him?
With Judas
Who shortly betrayed him?
With disciples
Who ran for the hills?

© Frank A. Mills, 2018

We have the Eucharist backwards. It is not about getting right with God, it is about God being alright with us. Consider: Jesus shared a meal without judgment with Peter who was about to deny him, with Judas who was about to betray, with his disciples who were about to run for the hills in fear.

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